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Dustin writes,  Dita has now lived with us for weeks, although to us, it seems as though she's been family all along. She spends most of her days hanging out with "dad" and her new older (though much smaller) brother, Pez. Dita is now inseparable from Pez, and he takes care of her just as any big brother should. She spends time playing with what dad calls, the "too many toys" in our house. With bones to chew on, and soft stuffed toys to squeak, She has made herself feel right at home.  She has already met her extended family, including grandma and grandpa, brothers, sisters, and so many other family and friends, who all welcomed her into the family as their own. She had a very busy day at the dog park last Sunday, and came home way more exhausted than when she left. And at night, she curls up in her comfy bed for one next to mommy and brother Pez. We love Dita, and she loves us. A member of our family, she is "our little girl".