Sneakers and ScribblesScribbles, Sneakers and their adoptive mom, Merry, are as happy as can be, because they all know that a family is what you make it.  Not long ago little calico kitten Scribbles was found by a bayou and given the Cajun name Jolie by her foster mom.  At the same time little calico kitten Sneakers was known as Meggie and being raised with her siblings.  Eventually, both Jolie and Meggie made their way to CAP in the hopes of finding their fur-ever homes. 

From Merry:

All of my animals have come from shelters, it's just the right thing to do.  These little babies had no part in their being brought into this world and for getting here, and it is our responsibility to take care of those that are forgotten.  They deserve to have good lives. 

Well, in a week or so, my husband and I visited a couple of shelters and also visited CAP's new facility maybe twice.  We decided on one of the two kittens we had visited with in the special meet and greet rooms.  We chose to adopt "Sneakers" and left her there to have her spayed.  When we picked her up the following Tuesday, "Scribbles" was still there.  I told my husband we should take her too!  He assured me that someone would pick her and take her home and love up on her.  The next day at work, I logged onto the CAP website and Scribbles was still there.  I made a round of frantic phone calls and began the mad rush to the shelter on my lunch hour!  As it turned out, they were very understanding and told me they would hold Scribbles until that evening.  My husband picked her up and brought her home that very day.  Sneakers and Scribbles were not from the same litter, but you would think so.  They sleep in a single pile just as if they were born together.

CAP has the nicest shelter -- I was so impressed with their facility.  I would highly recommend anyone looking for a forever friend to go visit there!