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Deb writes,  Adopting Jack & Sally, aka/Poppy & Pepe, has adding a new dimension to our family. We are an extended family of four, Mom, Dad, daughter, Julie, and grandbaby, Emma. We love our kittens and they have returned the favor by loving us back. Jack and Sally, brother and sister, share a bedroom in our home and love having their own space. They are awaken each morning and begin what we call Godzilla time, playing chase, rising up for attack, and colliding with each other. Our house gets quiet about 10AM, with chores done, others at work and school, leaving Jack and Sally to cuddle with me. Pictures show them just waking up from their midday nap. Ready for the afternoon romp! They are very healthy and happy . First trip to Dr. Betty's was a great success! Happy owners with happy kittens!