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Ron and Beverly writes,  Rex fit right into our household of two adults and three adult cats. Lady is a Tortie & is 17; she sniffed him and went her own way. Phoebe is a longhaired Siamese, 8 years old. She is delighted to have a playmate. They follow each other everywhere and have already provided a wealth of entertainment for us. Smokey is about 4 and is a very small silver gray cat--she is very shy and usually hides from Rex. All of those three adopted us at various stages of their lives.
Rex is still investigating all the nooks and crannies of our home. He plays very hard and then flops down and sleeps. He falls asleep on a stack of quilts during the day and in daddy's arms at night. He makes funny little chirping and barking noises when playing. We love him, and I think he is very happy here.