baxter2-1d2baxter2-1ds1Jordan wrote, My boyfriend and I both made an agreement that if we ever saw a Beagle we would adopt it! On Feb. 11 we walked in and saw Baxter(formerly known as BeeBop) lying there, staring at us with those adorable droopy eyes! We immediately took him to one of the rooms to play with him...and it's all history from there! Baxter is enjoying his new life with his 3 doggie siblings! Baxter plays very well with our lab mixes Zoe and J├Ąger, and has an extra special connection with our other beagle Beamer! He has already learned to sit(only took about 20 minutes!!) and we are working on "down" and "stay". He snuggles with us every night before we put him in his kennel with all of his stuffed animals. We are truly blessed to have found him!  Beagle Info.