cocoa20ccocoasnowie21sVince and Tong write, "Cocoa" is the brown kitty, previously called "Princess Leia". The other kitty is "Snowie" who we adopted elsewhere at about 5 months old. We decided to have a two cat house and that's when we adopted Cocoa. Our thanks go to Cocoa's foster mother for raising Cocoa after finding her abandoned at her farm at only 4 weeks old!  Cocoa is now strong and after only a few days of being somewhat resistant, she made great friends with Snowie - now they just play, play, play and play! Cocoa's even grown fully accustomed to the premium canned and dry foods we feed Snowie. Cocoa had a rough start in life and we're earning her trust by fully respecting her. Now Cocoa sleeps on my lap along with Snowie as I watch TV and they both sleep on top of our bed every night. Cocoa really has come a long way in the two short weeks that we've had her.