Amber writes, My husband and I adopted Anne (or Annie) just before Thanksgiving.  She hid for a few days and we found out on her first vet visit that she had a high fever and possible respiratory infection.  The vet gave her two shots, which she handled like a pro, and some antibiotics.  We tried to give her the medicine in "pill pockets," treats that are hollow and meant to hide pills, but she is very clever and quickly learned to lick off the yummy treat coating and leave the pill.  She is better now and likes to play with us and her new cat sister Bella.  They had a rough start at first, with a lot of hissing on both sides, but now we often find them curled up together or sitting on the same window sill.  Anne's little "mustache" markings have endeared her to her human grandfather who sports a mustache.  Anne was all over the place at Thanksgiving and made sure to get a head pat and ear scratch by every guest before they left. She has been a wonderful addition to our home and we love her more every day.