Max's aunt writes the following,  I was called Shadow, but now Max.  As in "everything to the Max," or "Maximum Speed," or "Maximum Fun," or "Maximum Love and Attention."   Sometimes my family calls me the "gentle giant," whatever that means.  I was adopted on Halloween by the Chernosky family. They have a HUGE fenced backyard where I can run full speed to my heart's content and really stretch out these long legs of mine.  My mom and dad have grandkids that play with me and they know where the dog treats are, too.  They are so much fun. Their granddaughter walks me on my new leash around the backyard and teaches good manners for walking on a leash.  They laugh at me because I'm excited to be on the leash even inside my big backyard.  I've already learned not to pull and to keep some slack in my leash while we are walking.  I'm slowly
learning my new name, but I already have learned how to come and sit and most of the rules in my new home.  I'm learning to shake hands, too.  At night, after I've been running and playing in the yard for the last time, I like to lay next to my new dad while he watches TV.