Megan writes,  My family and I saved Chance about a month ago and welcomed him into our home! He loves to lay on the couch with the blanket and with his new dog brother Bruce. We adopted Chance because he is like Bruce. They are both Pit Bulls mixed with another breed of dog. They both have short little legs and long bodies with the Pit Bull features, VERY FUNNY! I feel very blessed, Chance just needed some big time TLC, he is such a good dog I am amazed sometimes at how lucky I got when we decided to adopt him! He is like a little human, he just get's everything I say; I feel like he listens better than my kids sometimes! Before we saved him he was adopted and brought back by someone that left him outside all day and then complained about him digging holes in their yard! Well... he has yet to do that to me and my yard, but then again I don't leave him outside for 8 hrs. a day! He is a great dog and we love him so much!