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Cheryl and Jim write, This is a very happy tail for a family of four. Momma Lola and Aunt Lila were taken to CAP after being rescued from a Shipyard in Channelview. Lola's kittens were too smart and very hard to catch. So they followed thereafter and were separated for over a month from their elders. After escaping our rescue attempts twice, CAP was able to spay and neuter the kittens and we took them home. We finally got Lola and Lila recovered from upper respiratory, spayed and back to the kittens, Kirby and Katy Grace. Now they are all together in a beautiful screened-in porch with a huge cat tree, expensive cedar home and all the love and food they could dream of, thank you Megan,Jessica and  staff for helping us make this important transition from a shipyard to a safe and enriched lifestyle. This lovable family is so fun to observe, as they nurture each other daily. Although it took alot of patience, time and money, we are glad we didn't have to split up the happy foursome. My husband's soft heart for all animals, gave this family a second chance at a long and fruitful life.