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I am Romeo, I was adopted from your shelter on 8/8/2004.  Yesterday we celebrated 6 yrs with my human family and I could not be happier. I am now between 14-16 yrs young   - - This year has been difficult for me.  In February my mommy took me to get my teeth cleaned like always, but this time I had a bad reaction to the anesthetics, and I was on sub-q fluids and iv for a week.  My grandparents were sad, they thought I was not gonna make it, but my mommy stayed strong and we pulled through. - - Later in June, I tore both my ACLs on my back knees. This time my mommy cried a little, because I could not lift my back legs at all. We went to my vet first thing in the morning, one said surgery, but the other said because of my reaction to the anesthesia, it was best not to.  I was happy when my mommy agreed to no surgery, so they started doing laser therapy and gave me lots of pain meds.  I started going to the vet every other day, but by the second treatment I could walk a little wobbly, but I could go on my own to  the bathroom, my mommy had to take me before.  I had this laser therapy 15 times, then the doctor said I could go swimming, (this I liked very much). - - My mom and I started going to Rummy's Beach Club, is a pretty nice place where I swim with my mom 1 hr a day 3 times a week and now I  walk fine almost with no limp.  We are going to keep on going until the day I take my last breath my mommy says, because she wants me healthy and strong. - -  I am proud to say, that when we went to the vet last week, he said no more laser and no more paind meds..hurray for me.  Because I was taking tramadol every 6 hrs and gabapentin twice  a day plus I was getting an Adequan shot once a week.  Now I am only going to need the Adequan once a month for my arthritis in my front legs, which have gotten better with the swimming I might add. - -  I want to give thanks to the CAP for having giving me the opportunity to have found such a loving mommy and grandparents who spoil me rotten. Thank you so much!  In the pictures I am at  Rummys Beach Club  swimming with my mommy and by myself.  I am very handsome and courageous like my mom says. - -   Romeo.