HBClioHappiness comes in all shapes and sizes - all ages, too!  During the summer months, we see many tiny kittens come our way on their journey to finding a forever home, but we see many adult cats as well.  Last summer, we had the pleasure of meeting a gorgeous long-haired brown tabby girl named Clio, eight years old and found as a stray.  We like to think she was looking for the perfect family.  This past year Clio was adopted and returned (for needing too much attention) and spent a lot of time with her foster mom Nancy.  It took a little time, but Clio has finally found her "purr"-fect home.  HBClio-2As it turns out she is very fond of her new dad, and she is loved even more in return.  It's a match made in heaven! From the Milligans, her adoptive family:

"We are all madly in love with Clio!  My husband will have her doing tricks before you know it because she adores him.  He has called home at least 6 times today just to ask what she is doing.  I can't say enough about how much we love her.  She is the sweetest spirit and I truly believe she was meant to be mine to love.

Thank you forever for the gift that this sweet baby is!"