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Carolyn writes, I would like to introduce you to our beloved, family member, Dolly.  A year ago, I had to put my 17 and ahalf year old Maltese rescue to sleep.  I was devastated, but the fact we had four other dogs at home (3 of which are rescues) helped me quite a bit.  Still, Ellie had left a hole in my heart. I looked online every day for another baby to fill the void, but my husband didn't feel we needed another dog. Then on a Saturday he called and asked me how I felt about getting another dog.  I told him I still wanted one and then he told me about Dolly. He said she was very quiet, and for some reason seemed special. He also told me she had been left behind in a backyard when the people moved. Shame on them!  Anyway, my husband picked me up so I could meet Dolly.  It was love at first sight!  Her face reminds me of Ellie, and she is the sweetest, most loving girl. Thanks to the lady who fostered her for saving her life and for potty training her. To date, she has not had a single accident. These pictures show Dolly resting on our bed (She sleeps with us every night, along with her Yorkie brother & Maltese sister.). She also likes to sunbathes on the lounge chair outside, although she isn't allowed to do that alone.  We have been so blessed by Dolly's presence in our lives.