My family found most of our pets from CAPS through the years, and when I decided to get a dog, I did the same.  When I found Toby at Christmastime in 2005, it was love at first sight.  When I opened his crate door, he literally leapt into my arms.  I was going through a very trying time, and Toby had been in several homes before he came to live with me in his forever home.  I needed a friend, and Toby was always there for me, faithfully loving me.  I felt like we were meant to be there for each other, and we have been inseparable ever since he came to live with me in Lubbock.  We have been to grad school, been through a move back to Katy, found a sister in my husband's dog (who may have been sent to a shelter if she had not been given to his loving home as a puppy), planned a wedding, and we now have a happy "blended beagle family".   Morgan and Toby (and Andy and Daisy).