Tyson50DEnl  Merlin50Dcr
All of my pets are two most recent family additions came from CAP. Tyson was adopted in February 2005; I had gone to the shelter to see the Pet of the Week, a six month old poodle, but many people were interested in him. Shelter staff showed me Tyson, a five year old poodle mix, looking very sad and bewildered as he curled himself into a ball in the back of his cage...Tyson came home with us. He has turned out to be a class clown, very silly, although various health issues have surfaced in the past year. But, I love him dearly.
 Merlin came to the family in November 2008. Earlier that year, I had lost my nineteen year old silver poodle to cancer and old age. I had a dream about him one night in September, and the very next day a friend from CAP called me to tell me about the most beautiful six year old silver poodle (then named Bently) that had just been brought in as a stray...high positive for heartworms. I signed on sight unseen to sponsor his heartworm treatment, and once he was healthy and available for adoption, he joined the family. He looks and acts so much like my Tiny that it is eery...and immediately chose Tiny's favorite chair as his favorite, and immediately went to the same spot on the bed that Tiny used to sleep.
Both of these furry kids have been wonderful additions to the family, and I wouldn't trade them for anything. They (along with the rest of the canine pack) are spoiled rotten and well-loved...and I am so grateful to the CAP staff and volunteers for bringing these two into my life...and for everything they do for all the animals in their care.  JoyL- RoverOaks.