thumb_dutchess-1We thought we were rescuing our new dog Dutchess but she actually rescued our family.
Thank you!  We love our new hero dog from CAP.  Her name is Dutchess (CAP named her so we kept the name).  We adopted her mid-November.  Her picture was on your website for a while. She is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. She is smart and brave.
Dutchess was so brave, she woke us up and alerted us to a fire and that in turn saved our 91-year old neighbor who didn't know her home was on fire.  What is so amazing to me about Dutchess is how quickly she bonded with us once we took her home because the fire only happened about seven weeks after we got her.    It was a cold January Saturday night around two in the morning.   Dutchess started to bark persistently, jumped on the bed and pawed at me until I woke up. She really worked at it because I was in a deep sleep.  Then she waited for me to follow her.   When I did,  I couldn't believe it.   My 91-year old neighbor's garage was on fire. The fire was less than twenty feet from where we were standing and rose about three stories high.thumb_dutchess-2
Thankfully, because of this dog, we got our neighbor out safely.  Even after seventeen fire trucks, her belongings and her house did not survive but she did because of Dutchess's vigilance.
How blessed we are to have an angel save us and our neighbor that night.  We will always be grateful to CAP and