BeaureguardDaisy50dOran and Karin write,  The photo is Beaureguard and Daisy together very happy after a walk. They have been wonderful together, even sleep together. We found out that a lot of Beau's problem was his high energy level, and once we started really walking him, and getting him to be submissive to the pack leader, his pushing through, jumping up, and overexcitement nearly went away. I am saying nearly because he still get really excited to see us when we come home from work, but even that is more respectful, and gentler. Daisy was very submissive to start with, and enjoyed walks and pleasing us. Finally over the last couple of days her trust level was finally to a point her personality is finally coming out. She is a happy dog, playful, and makes you laugh, and want to have a good time with her. Her paperwork said that she had never walked on a leash before, but now she is walking perfectly beside me like she have been doing it all her life.  Beau was harder to teach to stop pulling, but last night, he walked about ΒΌ of a mile beside me, with a loose leash. we both felt great. Thanks for letting us take both of them, our house hasn't been the same since, and we are loving it.