AthenaApollo50bDsNina writes,  I knew I was ready to adopt a dog and I knew I wanted a Rotti. I came across the CAPs website and saw a photo of Athena and Apollo. I immediately began making plans to have TWO Rotties as I could not bear to split the siblings up. They were beautiful. I contacted the foster mother who told me that Apollo had just been adopted out that morning, but that Athena was still looking for a forever home. Though I could not have the bother and sister together, I went to CAPs to see if I could offer Athena a home and immediately fell in love with her. I adopted her on the spot. She instantly made my life much more entertaining. We went to PetCo and shopped for toys and a new bed. We got a new collar and a name tag. Athena integrated into the family with minimal hiccups. Ah, but then, almost a week later, I got a phone call from the foster parent. She wanted to let me know that Apollo's adoption had hit a snag and he was back at CAPs. She didn't have to say another word, I was on my way! I arrived at CAPs to find Apollo waiting for me. AthenaApollo50aDsHis beautiful brown eyes were just too much and I fell in love right then! I know he could smell his sister's scent on me and he made it known that he would be more than happy to come home with me. I completed the adoption process and Apollo joined Athena as part of my family. They both have been a constant source of joy and laughter; each of them with their own personality. We enjoy watching brother and sister play and cuddle with each other and then come play and cuddle with us.   Note: Nina deserves special thanks for her kindness and compassion. She did what few people would do, she adopted two large dogs, brother and sister, allowing them to continue their life together! Thanks Nina for understanding animals have feelings and making it possible for this brother and sister, Apollo and Athena to stay together!.