Amanda and Jason write, William (previously Toby), adopted on February 15, 2010 came to us with tons of energy, and that beautiful Golden Retriever demeanor with a strong willingness to please.  His training is going very well and last week he graduated with honors from beginner's education at Petsmart!  Along with learning new tricks, William likes to join us on hikes, bike rides, and to the dog park.  Jogging is a frequent activity we enjoy together and he has met lots of doggie (and human)friends along the way.  William even gets to go to day camp once a week at Waggin Tails Pet Ranch. Our kitty cat is still getting used to having someone around who just wants to play 24/7, but every day they get along better.  WilliamGr4dWilliam has a lot of potential to be an extremely well-behaved family member and our patience and consistency with him is really paying off.  In June, William will begin training in an Agility course at FlashPaws. Golden Retrievers are known for excelling in the sport and we think he will do great!  It's hard to imagine that anyone could give up on such a beautiful companion, but we are so happy that we were lucky enough to become his new family.  Thank you CAP for all that you do to help out animals that need homes.