Olive31dAndini writes,  Being newlyweds, we have decided to start our family by rescuing a dog but we ended up adopting 3. The first two were adopted on January 5, 2010 and the third one came home with us on March 7, 2010. Sausage (previously Annie) is a mixed of Corgi and Beagle. She is 4 years old. The second one is Trippy (previously Trixie), a super adorable dachsund (1 year old) and the last addition to our family is a mini schnautzer that we call Olive (previously Dalilah), also 1 year old. They get along very well and each has its own personality. TrippySausage30dsSausage is the big sister, Trippy is the clown and Olive is the talkative one. Our house has definitely become much more delightful and fun with their presence. Now we can't imagine our life without these 3 little rascals. We hope more people will take the time to visit the shelters so that more animals can finally get their forever homes.