thumb_BigRed_9555178a_3-7-10At times the world works in mysterious ways, bringing people and animals together with timing impossible to plan. If you are lucky, you are there to witness the events unfold from excitement, to disappointment, to sheer wonderment and happiness. Our Dachshund Big Red's journey began when he first arrived at CAP as a stray little dog and continued as he went to spend some time with his foster family. While in foster care he brushed up on his doggie skills and proved to be a wonderful pet. Big Red was also renamed 'Coney' by votes on the CAP Facebook page to see if a name change would help him get adopted quickly. The name Big Red or 'Red' still stuck though as it just seemed to fit the large personality of this little guy. One day a very nice woman named Danielle drove in from Waller with her little dog Stewie to see if he and Big Red would get along, in the hopes of bringing Red home with them. Later on that day, Danielle sent an email to Big Red's foster mom to let her know how the meeting went:

Stewie and I met Red, and you're right, he's the sweetest dog. After the initial greeting, Stewie and Red kind of ignored each other, but they seemed ok. I couldn't get Red to pay too much attention to me either, and I thought maybe it was because of the surroundings....until Marie came.

Stewie and I had been visiting with Red for about 30 minutes, and Marie came to return another dachshund to the shelter because he didn't get along with her other dogs. When Red saw her, I think he was smitten! Marie sat down and played with Red for about an hour, and they really hit it off. The shelter said she could adopt Red if she brought her other dogs to meet him first. I was okay with it, because he really seemed to like her. So Marie left to get her dogs and I waited with Red (you should've seen how sad he was when she left). I filled out an adoption application just in case she didn't return, but she made it back, with less than 5 minutes to closing! Red and her dogs seemed to get along fine and she adopted him!

I have to admit, part of me was a little sad when she came back, but seeing how happy Red was to see her made me think I made the right decision. Marie said she's going to email me pictures, so I'll make sure I keep you updated.

What are the odds that Marie would be returning to the shelter at the same time Danielle was visiting Big Red?! It sounds like Big Red choose his own home, sometimes the dog does know best. Kudos to Danielle for thinking of what would be best for Big Red and letting him follow his heart. We're still looking for the right Dachshund for her and are certain that another wonderful match will be made!