The Buchman family writes, I have always been a big advocate of "pound puppies".  In fact, I have never owned a dog that did not come from a shelter.  After Hurricane Ike, my husband and I fostered and then eventually adopted Ivy (the  black dog on the couch) from the SPCA.  She was a great companion for  my other 15 year old pound puppy, Marley.  In April of last year,  Marley became very ill and had to be euthanized.  Her passing was  devastasting for our entire family.  She was my baby before I had  babies.  Even Ivy felt Marley's absence.  We decided to give our  family some time before pursuing another dog.  We needed to grieve  Marley.  This December, however, we decided enough time had passed and  were ready for another dog.  On December 27, 2009, we walked into CAPS  and it was love at first sight.  Mazzy (named in memory of Marley) has quickly become the sixth member  of the Buchman family and she and Ivy are fast friends.  They rarely  leave the other's side.  As you can see from the photo, snuggling at  night is a favorite past time!  If they only had the whole couch to  themselves!!  We are lucky to have such an adorable, intelligent pup  like Mazzy and know Ivy is thrilled to have such a fun playmate!