After having our 9 year old Cat put to sleep the day before due to ill health. we adopted 2 kittens and call them Holly and Ivy.... both got colds the week before Xmas but after a quick call to the vet and some antibiotics both are now doing well.  .... it was fun to see them discover everything again when they were feeling better. ..They wake every morning at 5.45 (when alarm goes off) and both sit by the wanting breakfast.  When they have eaten its playtime, playing with toys then playing chase. Holly starts it and Ivy isnt far behind.  8am comes and they curl up on the chair for about rest before play time starts again, this usually lasts till 12ish when it seems they have decided this to be nap time and they either curl up together on someones lap or in a sun spot on the floor under the window.  Everyday Ivy wakes first and washes Holly to wake her and we more playtime until its time for their tea at 4pm... again they go to the pantry...once we have dinner they settle on our laps for a little while and around 8pm have a little play until bedtime....they both sleep on our bed.... Holly sleeps between our pillows and Ivy sleeps under her, using her as a pillow.  And once settled we don't hear a peep until the next morning when they wake me by licking my nose. They have settled in, are spoilt rotten, have a basket full of toys, a rocker toy and my husband has ordered a climbing tower and are well and truly members of the family.... we love them to bits.