Dave writes, Milo (Bodacious was his former name) is doing just fine. He is over the Kennel Cough he came home with and his surgery has heeled fine. He is the brown dog with the chew bone in the photos. The other dog (Finney) came from Furry Pals at about the same time, he is thought to be 10 months old and Milo a year and a half. They get along very well as you can see from the second picture, in fact they liked each other from the first minute. Being young dogs they play constantly, in fact, they are the first dogs I have ever had who will play tug of war with each other. They must have had some house training before I got them because that has been a minimal issue and now seems to be resolved almost completely. They are both people dogs, getting along with everyone who comes to the house; Milo is a lover, if there is a lap around he will be in it. While they can be in the back yard as much as they want they mostly follow me around. They are great dogs and are well on their way to many happy years.