they changed my name from Smoothie to Rocky. It's kinda macho, right? My mom and dad are cool. The vet said that I was lucky to be adopted by this family. Doc says I need  to brush my teeth better. He also thinks I'm a little older than 1 year old. My family doesn't mind the fact that I'm a mature fella. They are really glad about not having to deal with potty training.
The girls are great, too. They let me sit on the couch beside them. I like to cozy up on the soft pillows. They even let me sleep in their beds. My mom needs my help to wake the little sister, KC. She sleeps pretty hard, but nothing is too difficult for me. I just kiss her all over until she gives me a big hug. The big sister, Caitlin, is kind of unhappy with me for chewing up her knitting yarn. I say she shouldn't have let it where I could get my paws on it. I bet she'll let me snuggle up in bed tonight anyway. When it's time for bed I get right under the covers, just behind the knees where I'm nice and warm.Now, I do like to chew on things. I've been known to chew some toys. I am having so much fun! I just love running around with my partner in crime, Bonnie. We like playing with KC and Caitlin,too. Flicka the rooster and Henny-Penny are staying in their little yard, while Bonnie and I get the big backyard.Mom is always bragging about my good manners. The girls can't stop noticing all the tricks I can do. Bonnie doesn't really do tricks. KC was the first to see me sit pretty and beg for doggy biscuits. Caitlin showed the rest of the family that I could fetch the rope toy every time. Dad takes me walking and admires the way I heel. But most of all, Dad likes the way my ears are always up. He says that is the sign of a smart dog. Bonnie can't do that either. Mom told Gaga and Popo that I ave a soft mouth with toys and stuff. I think that means that I'm gentle when people take things from me. And that's a good thing.
Oh dear, Mom says I sound a little snobbish toward Bonnie. That's not true. We were a little jealous of each other at first. I tried to growl at her when she wanted to eat out of my bowl. She would snap at me when I had a rawhide bone. But all-in-all, we are getting to be best buds. My new family and I were made for each other.