marlboro__5-14-08_sm.jpgmacgyver__5-14-08_sm.jpgPam writes,
I just wanted to share my happiness with my 2 newest family members adopted in April 2008. Lucky (formerly Marlboro) and MacGyver are a complete joy and are being welcomed by 4 other CAP graduates Angel (17 years, cat) Barney (16 years, dog) Sheena and Sully (11 years, cats) with open arms now. Lucky and MacGyver were persistent in being accepted into the family and have found their place. I had just put down a new cat due to an unforeseen illness only 3 months after adopting him (SPCA). My coworker had the CAP website up and I took a look out of curiosity. Never in a million years did I imagine that I'd be adopting 2 brothers only 3 days later! I really liked their picture online and fell in love immediately when I came to visit them at the Shelter. The first day in their new home, they wouldn't let me leave them in their temporary guest room while getting adjusted to their surroundings- they were all over me with kisses and love. They were among the general population the next day getting to know everyone. While I don't recommend this introduction so quickly, I was amazed at how cats that had never been around dogs or didn't like dogs were rubbing up against my Barney (16 years) within about 2 hours. It was amazing! We've had our challenges at bedtime when all 5 cats want to sleep as close to me as possible, but we're working through them and I believe I've been blessed with these
2 unexpected angels in our home...