hb_Finn_and_AmyEvery dog has his day, and every dog has his story. What makes the stories fascinating are the transformations you can see take place. With a lot of love and patience and a few months in foster care, a dog can go from a scraggly stray to a loving and productive member of society. Finn and Amy are excellent examples of amazing dogs that have been adopted from an animal shelter and gone on to bigger and better things. Finn the Terrier was found as a shaggy dog running the streets looking for food. The moment we met Finn we knew there was something special about him, and that meant we had to treat him for heartworms. Finn was adopted very quickly after finishing heartworm treatment and was no longer that shaggy stray dog. A year later, in came Chihuahua/Papillion mix Amy- surrendered by her owner who no longer had time for her. Like Finn, Amy was diagnosed with heartworms, underwent treatment in foster care, and was adopted quickly. The amazing part is that the same family adopted them both! Finn and Amy are now certified therapy dogs and make regular visits to Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital. The patients and staff are delighted when these special pooches walk through the door, and look forward to many more visits.