Ghengis is the PERFECT addition to my household dog family. My 13 year old female collie, Angel and I raised a Rottweiler Huskey mix puppy named Trinity. Trinity is 10 months old now and a handful. She needed a playmate besides the elderly collie who hadn't the energy to keep up.I was looking for another younger, male dog.  While waiting to pick up Angel from vet, I walked over to CAPS "just to take a look". And there was a male poodle mix, not too small but not big either, quietly sitting in his kennel, peering at me through some awful mats on his face. His eyes were thoughtful, calm and intelligent as he looked at me.  I had to get Angel home and comfortable from her surgery,  ....  When I went back to CAPS and walked through the door, he was still there! He looked at me as I walked in with that same calm look. I knew he was meant for me at that moment.  I named him Dude Lunes. He is white with light silver gray spots all over and looks like the moon. He is quite a dude. He won Trinity's heart within 2 minutes of meeting her (and she is not an easy sell) and spends every chance he gets playing with her. They tire each other out and fall asleep together. (see photo)  Trinity is so happy with her new friend. Angel is happy that she isn't getting knocked down anymore and can sleep. I'm happy to have a dog who likes to cuddle on the couch and who is so smart he learns what I want from him with lightning speed. Lunes is so happy to have a home and family.     Janet