Tina_Dog_Grad_8-9_CrIt was only a few months after I put my thirteen year old Yorkie to sleep, that I realized I needed another dog.  I went to Petsmart and they had just released their last dog to be adopted and ohhh she looked so cute!  All week I looked forward to getting there early enough to get my pick of the pups.  On Valentine's Day, I was thrilled to see I was the first one ... then all of a sudden other people started to mull around the area.  I wondered if I need to start a sign in sheet, so they all would know who was first!  But I chilled, as CAP brought in all these caged animals.  One by one they were put into more sturdy cages as everyone hovered over them.  I noticed one little black pup at the bottom of the shipment and asked the gal if I could have THAT one.  She gave me permission to open the cage and take her out.  Well, that was all I needed, and as everyone came over to see her, I'd tell them she was already taken. I hadn't even seen her stand yet - but she was perfect!  Now my eight month old ValenTINA has completed three dog classes and is everything I wanted in a new friend. Thanks Caps for all your time and energy helping these homeless pets.  I love bragging about y'all and encourage others to seek you out.   Joan