I adopted Chloe (was Maggie) when she was 8 weeks old from CAP November 2005. She was a small, cuddly puppy (8 lbs) that had been an unwanted litter turn in. ....she is now a beautiful, loving companion (60 lbs) at almost 3 1/2 years old! She is my best friend and has helped me stay focused on my school work throughout the years! I'm currently in medical school, and she is the one that lets me know when it is time to take a break! She loves daily walks, all her toys (she has her own toy box), playing ball, going to the dog park (especially swimming in the dog ponds), her variety of treats/chews, and excursions to the beach! maggie_akachloe_2-21-09_3_smShe is a favorite with my family and everyone loves her! I could not have asked for a better dog! .... thanks for giving me the love of my life and I'm looking forward to maybe getting her a companion a little later on! This is my second adoption experience with CAP. My parents actually adopted my childhood dog Frosty from the shelter back in 1990. She was probably the best and sweetest dog I have ever known. She treated my little brother and I like her own little puppies! Sadly, in May of 2007 she had to be put to sleep, when a neurological problem caused her to lose the ability to control muscles in her legs. She will always be remembered and loved, the vet estimated that she was 2 years old when we adopted her, so she was probably 17-19 years old when she finally left us all....Carlye

In memory of Frosty.