TysonFloydNowSmThrough the tender loving care of CAP's staff, foster parents, and generous supporters, Tyson and Floyd, who came to CAP in October completely emaciated with injuries and parasites, are now on the mend!  Learn more about the amazing journey of these two plucky survivors!

TysonFloydNowSince Tyson and Floyd have been in foster care they have gained about thirty pounds each, slowly gaining muscle tone back. Tyson has started heart worm medication and hopefully Floyd will start his course as soon as his pancreatitis clears. These two boys have come a long way, but their journey is far from over. With your generous support, CAP can help abandoned, injured and sick pets like Tyson Floyd return to health and find forever homes.

Check out their original story below....

Tyson and Floyd came to CAP completely emaciated with injuries and parasites.  Their original companion surrendered his dogs to an online ad, thinking they were going to a new forever home. 


Many people know that a click of a button will bring them to websites that advertise hundreds of "Free Pets to Good Homes". This is a common way of finding homes for animals whose owners can no longer care for them. They take a leap of faith and rely on good people to give their animals a new and loving home.

What most people do not realize is that many times these kinds of placements are not legitimate and that bad people answering the ads have no intention of giving the animals loving homes with their familes, but instead, plan to treat them in a most cruel way:

  • Use as bait animals for training dogs to fight
  • Sell to research laboratories to be experimented on
  • Sell into homes where purchasers have not been vetted and end up abandoning the animals
  • Torture or kill for some other reason

Two such dogs who began their lives in a loving home, and ended up abandoned and starving are Tyson and Floyd. A good Samaritan found them in a retention pond desperately looking for water, and brought them to CAP. Tyson and Floyd were so debilitated, they could not stand on their own. The first concern was the malnutrition which had started to break down their internal organ functions. They both tested positive for heartworms and Tyson also has a broken leg that requires orthopedic surgery due to healing improperly.

As is the case, both of these wonderful animals still wanted to show their love and trust in humans. Our staff, volunteers and veterinarians all fell in love and a massive effort is being made to bring them back to health so they can finally find a home where they will be cherished for the rest of their lives.Floyd2

The original owner was contacted through microchip information and when he came to CAP, he was reduced to tears when he saw what had happened to the dogs he had cared for since they were puppies. Due to personal issues he could no longer care for them and like so many pet owners, he thought he was doing the best for them when he advertised them online. The person who responded to his ad seemed to be perfect and he had a sense of relief thinking that Tyson and Floyd would be going to a loving home. Unfortunately, he could not take them back so he surrendered ownership to CAP knowing that we will do everything in our power to provide the medical and emotional care they need.

The road to recovery will be long. We will find out the severity of their condition when blood test results come back in a few weeks. At that point we will know what damage, if any, has been done to heart, liver and kidneys and what direction to go if they can be saved. Currently they have been placed on a rigorous treatment of antibiotics, nutritional supplements, pain medication and a strict feeding schedule. Once they have gained enough weight and muscle tissue, they will be able to begin heartworm treatment. Tyson will also be able to endure surgery to correct his broken leg.

It will take a minimum of five months for a complete recovery but our staff (including one of our veterinarians) and foster volunteers have already made arrangements and a commitment to their care throughout their recovery. We all know that some cases do not have happy endings, but with CAP's commitment to these two special dogs, we are all hoping that they will beat the odds so that they may live happy, healthy and long lives.

If you are interested in helping with Tyson and Floyd's medical costs, please go to our "Donate Now" page, call or mail a donation. Reference Tyson and Floyd so your gift will go into our Hope Medical Fund which was established to help treat animals that come to CAP in need.