Prop3SmVote Yes on Proposition 3 to rebuild the Harris County Animal Shelter!  Your vote will save more lives and reduce suffering of thousands of Houston's homeless pets.  Be a voice for the voiceless and be heard on November 3rd!


Harris County voters will have the opportunity in the November 3, 2015 Election to vote “for or against” issuing bonds to build a new Harris County Animal Shelter. Harris County, PROPOSITION NO. THREE designates $24,000,000 in bonds for a Veterinary Public Health Adoption and Care Center. The current shelter is a single building, located at 612 Canino Road, in North Harris County.

• The Harris County Animal Shelter is a public shelter and cannot turn away any animal, even if it is sick, vicious or unadoptable.

• Built in 1986 and designed to hold 12,000 animals annually.

• Last year took in approximately 25,000 unwanted dogs and cats.

• Receives an average of 80 animals per day.

The proposed new Veterinary Public Health Adoption and Care Center will have five times more kennel space than the current shelter. The additional space will allow sheltered animals to be held longer which will provide more time to find them forever homes.

The Veterinary Public Health Adoption and Care Center will include three new buildings and renovation of the current facility to provide:

• New Adoption Center. Houses adoptable pets, showcases them and provides space for the public to visit and interact with them.

• New Shelter Holding Area.

• New Isolation & Quarantine building to hold sick animals and keep them separate from healthy animals. Currently there is limited ability to isolate animals that are ill.

• Remodeling of the current shelter facility for Animal Intake.

Early voting is 10/19 - 10/30. For voting information, visit

Learn more about PROPOSITION NO. 3 at

Thank you for helping our CountyPets!