CommunityBucks2015We need your Community Bucks! Spend $50 at Randalls during September, and CAP gets $1 toward feeding Sherman our iguana, buying produce for the rabbits, and other needed item.  Make sure your Randalls card is linked to CAP and save more lives!

CommunityBucks2015We need your Community Bucks! During the month of September Randalls will issue one (1) Community Buck to every customer who spends $50. You can get up to three Community Bucks per transaction. Save them and at the end of the month mail them to CAP. The Community Bucks will be redeemed and used for produce for our rabbits and for our iguana Sherman as well as other supplies such as paper towels and cleaning supplies. Be sure before you shop that your Randalls Remarkable Card is linked to CAP where year round a percentage of all your grocery purchases go to help our homeless animals. Click here to find out about the Randalls program.