AAC-newsHaving a heart for animals begins in childhood! For less than $1 per child, you can help CAP to encourage a kinder, more humane generation through CAP's KIND News Adopt-a-ClassroomApply by June 1st, 2014 - change lives to save lives!

AAC-newsCAP has always been committed to providing humane education throughout our community. Our homeless animals face problems that are too great to be solved by a few. When you "Adopt-A-Classroom" you will help teach kids to value all animals and view our pets as cherished family members that deserve a life-long commitment. 

For only $25 you can become a sponsor in the Adopt-A-Classroom Program for the 2014-2015 school term. Each elementary classroom you adopt will receive a year long classroom subscription to the award-winning KIND NEWS magazine and allow values like compassion, citizenship, and responsibility come ALIVE! We still need to reach so many more to reinforce the importance of the protection of animals and keeping them from harms way. Won't you sign up and show your support of this vital humane education program? We can, someday, have a world where all animals are safe. We can't give up. 

For less than $1 per child you can help CAP to encourage a kinder, more humane generation. The deadline to participate for the 2014-2015 school year is June 1st, 2014. To learn more please visit the Adopt-a-Classroom page or contact the CAP Community Outreach Coordinator.