Barney 6-2bDUnite more homeless pets with loving families!  The sooner we can post photos of animals as they arrive at the shelter, the sooner we can find them homes.  Donate today to make our Same Day Project a reality!

Barney 6-2bDCAP is looking to expand our Adoption and Lost and Found program by posting pictures on our website of every animal when they arrive at the shelter. Posting on the same day as arrival will allow visitors to view lost and adoptable animals immediately and connect more pets with their new families or the families they are missing.

To get the Same Day Project up and running, CAP needs two of the following (one each for the cat and dog sides of the shelter):

  • Laser printers to print kennel cards ($350 each)
  • Memory cards, 4GB ($30 each)
  • Point and shoot cameras, 16MP ($80 each)

Please consider a donation to help make this possible. If you click on Donate Now and make a donation online, send a check or call with a credit card, please indicate the reason for the donation.

Thank you in advance for helping us to find homes for more animals in need.