paula-howeMake your legacy the gift of life to animals in need.  Paula Howe became a hero to Houston's homeless pets when she became a member of the CAP Codicil Club.  Read her story and find out more about making a lasting contribution to CAP

paula-howeMy name is Paula Howe. Iā€™m a working gal. Animals have always been very important friends and companions to me. I lost my mother to cancer when I was two and my father sent me to live with his brother and wife, who later legally adopted me when I was five. This turned out to be a very good thing, but it was always in my mind that I could have wound up a foster child or in an orphanage. I have come to realize how this helps me really empathize with abandoned and homeless animals ā€“ it is a special connection.

I have been a volunteer with CAP since 1989 and enjoy whatever I am doing to help the animals. It is my passion. I was very excited as the plans for the new shelter became a reality and wanted to be a part of it. I was able to donate $25,000 and now have my name on an adoption booth. I love coming to the shelter and looking at my name ā€“ but most of all I love seeing the wonderful new facility with such improved conditions for the animals and staff. It makes me very happy and proud.

I have also left CAP a legacy to insure they will continue to be champions for abandoned animals. I hope you will join me in helping them bring the joy of animal companionship to individuals and families for generations to come. The animals will always be in my heart ā€“ they are the best!