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By submitting this form, I certify that I have answered all questions and provided information truthfully and to the best of my ability.  An intake appointment does not guarantee that CAP will accept the animal. Admission is limited to available space to humanely house and care for the animal and is also subject to an evaluation of the animal’s health and temperament.  If your animal is accepted, a surrender fee will be collected. This fee must be paid by debit or credit card only. No cash or checks accepted at this time.

Minimum Required Surrender Fee
Each animal 4 months of age and older $35
Each animal under 4 months of age $15
Maximum per litter $50
Dogs over 50lbs $50

Euthanasia Policy Citizens for Animal Protection completely supports that no healthy, adoptable animal should be euthanized. To this end, CAP's priority is to not euthanize any healthy, adoptable animal to make room for more animals. Adoptable animals do not have a preset time limit however they must remain healthy, both physically and emotionally. CAP will not allow any animal surrendered to us to suffer, nor will CAP risk the health or safety of our shelter animals by exposing them to contagious diseases or unsafe conditions. Euthanasia is a decision that may be made to prevent suffering, to prevent the spread of disease to healthy animals or when an animal poses a threat to humans or other animals. Euthanasia is performed by compassionate, experienced personnel and is a decision that is not taken lightly.


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